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World News

  • Exclusive: Pressed by Trump, U.S. pushed unproven coronavirus treatment guidance
    In mid-March, President Donald Trump personally pressed federal health officials to make malaria drugs available to treat the novel coronavirus, though they had been untested for COVID-19, two sources told Reuters. Shortly afterward, the federal government published highly unusual guidance informing doctors they had the option to prescribe the drugs, with key dosing information based on unattributed anecdotes rather than peer-reviewed science.
  • More than 600 dead in New York state in a day from coronavirus
    Coronavirus-related illnesses killed 630 people in the last day in New York state, Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Saturday, in the worst 24 hours yet for the U.S. state hit hardest by the pandemic.
  • Iran warns of coronavirus surge after many ignore 'stay home' rules
    A senior Iranian health official said the greater Tehran area may face a coronavirus resurgence after many residents flouted advisories to stay home, crowding streets and causing traffic jams across the city as the country's New Year holidays ended on Saturday.