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Oakmeadian Risk Management Ltd, has a specialist team that offers our corporate or private clients travel advice to any region in the world.

Whether you are planning a trip or travelling on business or for pleasure, we are able to offer advice and cultural information to allow you to fit in and understand the country you are travelling to. We are able to offer a written assessment or provide larger groups with a presentation. We also provide Travel Companions and Escorts for added personal protection.

Are you or someone close to you traveling abroad? If so then Oakmeadian Risk Managements travel advice may benefit you and ensure you or your family, do not encounter any unwanted events.

As seen in the media for a number of years, even countries we consider safe and secure can and often do come with much greater risk to your safety and well-being.

We can help minimise this by providing you with accurate and up to date reports on specific countries incident and crime hot spots.

If traveling as a group we can supply you with a presentation on areas to avoid and general security tips, or if you feel that it is necessary for your trip we can arrange for one of our highly experienced security personnel to escort you while traveling to give you on the spot updates, advice and physical protection.

By utilising our knowledge and experience in global threats worldwide we are able to offer clients a unique look at the country that they intend to travel to.


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